Our company, based in the Slovak Republic, with a subsidiary in Canada, offers you professional and comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Offering investment opportunities in Central Europe and Canada
  • Finding suitable and reliable business partners for you
  • Preparing market analyses for clients
  • Developing modern marketing studies and their implementation 
  • Assistance in doing business in Slovakia for foreign clients; we provide and arrange comprehensive consulting and legal services.
  • Purchase of foreign real estate; complete service in the countries of Central Europe

Our goals

Our main goal is satisfaction of our customers with new business opportunities both in Slovak Republic and abroad.

Doing business abroad means to go to an unknown environment. Our goal is to make you feel safe and especially to have the services available according to your requirements and in your mother tongue. Within our advice, you will feel professional, comfortable, and that success is within your reach.

By buying real estate abroad we will gladly arrange for you legal and real estate brokers services with our partners with whom we have been in cooperation for many years.

Offer your real estate or investment project.

More than 14 years’ experience in the field of marketing, consulting, and advertising sets us above the rest.

We can adapt quickly and promptly to your needs. Our company guarantees the security, privacy, and confidentiality of all information you provide. Our website offers you a simple way to register your real estate or submit an application. Our representatives in Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Sofia, Varna, Kyiv, Cyprus, and many other cities, are ready to attend to your needs.

No fees for registering and promoting your property on our website.

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