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  • We provide exclusive residential real estate and also buy real estate as an investment only
  • Complete advice and legal service when buying real estate abroad
  • We will help you with the management and evaluation of real estate
  • When buying from our properties, you will feel safe, like at home, you will be taken care of by a selected team of experts

Reg Invest

We are offering exclusive investment opportunities and consulting concerning properties abroad.

Offer your property or investment project

  • With over 20 years in marketing, advertising, and consulting we have the upper hand over other companies that offer similar services.
  • Quick and responsive, we are able to pivot to meet your needs.
  • All information provided by you is guaranteed to be kept secure, private and confidential
  • Our website offers an easy interface for registering properties or making a request.
  • Our team of lawyers, consultants, notaries and administration companies are all at the top of their fields and ready to serve you.
  • There is NO fee for the registration of your property and its promotion on our website.
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