Immigration to Bratislava

  • 03/09/2021

How much do you know about Bratislava? Besides the fact that Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Republic, most of the foreigners do not know much about this city. So, let us give you some brief image of Bratislava and propose you that city as a good investment into your future.

In addition of being the capital, Bratislava is also the largest city in Slovakia

From an economic point of view, it is the most developed region in Slovakia compared to others, and that’s due to the fact that most branches of foreign companies are located here, new companies are constantly being established and it has perfect location for trade connections with neighboring countries.

Bratislava has the best infrastructure in Slovakia. In addition to modern public transport, which creates a fast connection throughout the city, it also has an international airport, train, and bus station.

Bratislava has a small but beautiful historical city center, where in 1741 Maria Theresa was crowned. The Danube River flows through Bratislava, and upon it were built a modern city that resembles Manhattan in New York. In 2022, it will also have the first 2 skyscrapers. In this part of the city, real estate is a remarkably profitable investment, mostly for foreigners. Those from Russia, the UAE, UK and Germany prefer to invest in here. Everybody can find here what they dreamed about and make that dream come true.

From a social point of view, Bratislava has everything you need for a comfortable life of yours and your family.

You have a various choices of insurance companies that will help you in case of an unexpected situation. Bratislava has many qualified medical facilities, both public and private. Your safety is protected by the police, which you normally do not see on the streets of the city, but they are there when you need it.

From a cultural point of view, Slovaks are trying to visit their family, relatives and nature as much as possible, and because of this, you can feel at ease, due to the smaller amount of people during the evenings and weekends. Bratislava can offer lots of cafes, restaurants, bars and shopping malls throughout the city. The most popular part of Bratislava for Slovaks and foreigners is the Old Town. It is a historical center with a fantastic architecture. In case if you prefer nature, in Bratislava you have access to the mountain parks, city parks, forests and the Little Carpathians. Besides that, due to the short distance, Slovaks and foreigners often visit Austria, for example, you can get to Vienna in less than an hour.

Some useful information about life in Bratislava in 2021:

Minimum wage/month (gross)

623 €

Minimum wage/hour

3,58 €

Minimum wage/month (net)

508,44 €

Health insurance/month

24,92 €

Social insurance/month

58,56 €

Vacation days (younger than 33 years old)

min. 20 days

Vacation days (older than 33 years old)

min. 25 days

Meal allowance (working over 4 hours/day)

min. value of 3.83

Health insurance companies (the most popular)

Union, Dôvera, VšZP

Universities (the most popular)

Comenius University in Bratislava,
University of Economics in Bratislava,
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Religion (dominant)

Christianity (Catholicism)

After this short excursion about Bratislava, are you already considering this place as a good investment into the future? If yes, then this is just the beginning, we would like to tell you more about it and help you create your new life in Slovakia. With us, you will be confident in your future and for this, we suggest you contact us.

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